Historic Vehicle Registration

Historic Registration is available through the Holden Torana Club for unmodified Toranas. Factory and dealer options are allowed as long as they were available as an option to the car being Historically registered.

Allowable examples would be Sprint master rims on any 6 cylinder LC/LJ or GTR/XU-1 sports steering wheels and/or instrument clusters.

EG: Mag wheels, radios etc.

Mag wheels should be period to the manufacture date of the car, and close or identical in size to the original rim size. The addition of a Cassette radio, CD player, digital FM radio, etc is allowed as long as it is unobtrusive.

IE: Basic unit with low profile speakers. Large systems with subwoofers, separate amplifiers, very large speakers will not be accepted.

Replica, tribute or mock-up vehicles are not eligible for historic registration,

EG: LC or LJ 2 Door Sedan modified to look like a GTR or XU1.

LH / LX modified to like an A9X or L34
(Including flares, HQ brakes etc.)

The exact wording of the clarification of this point is “historic vehicles should not be altered to represent another model of that vehicle”. The DTEI clearly states that there is no room for negotiation with reference to the fitting and/or upgrading of ‘performance enhancing’ accessories to any vehicle seeking Conditional Historic Registration.

In the case of members seeking to register eligible vehicles that are not Toranas, they must in the first instance own a Torana and be an active participant in the Club through meetings and events. To be eligible for the Historic Registration Scheme, the car has to be inspected and deemed suitable for the scheme. A one off administration fee of $40.00 will be charged at the time of the initial inspection regardless of the outcome.

At the time of passing the inspection and subsequently receiving a logbook, the rules and regulations regarding historic registration will be explained once only. It is up to the owner of the historically registered vehicle to be aware of and abide by the rules from that point.

The vehicle must remain in the condition presented for the period of the registration. Subsequent inspections every 12 months will be required and carried out. At that time, the vehicle log book is also required to be checked and updated.

The owner also has to remain a financial member of the Holden Torana Club at all times.

IE: No lapses in membership fees.

Heavy penalties apply to both the owner and the issuing Club for breaches of the rules.

10th may 2012
The following changes to all Historic Registration scheme participants come into effect on the 1st of July 2012:

-The vehicle must be available for inspection by their club or the Registrar.
-A statutory declaration must be provided annually to the club declaring the vehicles
eligability to the Scheme.
-The vehicles cannot be used for fee, hire or reward.

More information is available from Transport SA’s website.

The Federation of Historic Motoring Clubs of SA inc have prepared a statutory declaration form which should meet your needs. The PDF form can be downloaded from their website Here.